Welcome to T & R Williamson

T & R Williamson is a leading supplier of Specialists Paints and Protective Coating Systems. The company was established in 1775 and remains a privately owned, family company, manufacturing a wide range of specialist coatings for the railway industry, bus and commercial vehicle sector, construction and general industry. As a leading supplier of specialists Paints and Protective Coating Systems T & R Williamson can offer a wide range of solutions including fire retardant coatings, anti graffiti systems and specialist coatings to meet your requirements.

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The Company operates to ISO9001 (2008) Quality Standards. With our motivated sales team and highly qualified technical service department along with our achievements in product development, we have remained at the forefront of technology and are able to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers. For advice or technical support please contact us.

Our History

Founded in 1775, Thomas & Robert Williamson, who at that time were Bankers, secured there first recipes for Varnish making from a French refugee who had found his way to Ripon and craved hospitality at the Williamson’s house.

T&R Williamsons

This was given, and the first Varnish making secrets were surrendered by the refugee in token of his gratitude. From this incident sprang the foundation of the present institution, now the oldest established Varnish House in the United Kingdom, T & R Williamson is a leading supplier of specialists Paints and other Protective Coating Systems.